Wednesday, May 18, 2011

I'm not a preacher.

Let's just get that straight.

I have been asked to speak at a ladies' meeting this Saturday.  While I realize that everyone says they're uncomfortable speaking in public, I really really am.  People are sure that, because my husband is a pastor, I'm a natural candidate to preach.  Of course, they also think I play the piano and make cute little appetizers, too, ha ha.

The ladies at church are all excited.  At a dinner after church on Sunday I was repeatedly approached by enthusiastic women.  "I can't wait to hear you preach!"  Preach?  Me?  If you knew me, you would find this ludicrous.  I'm not an emotional person.  I don't preach.  Teach?  Sometimes.  Opinionate?  Occasionally.  Preach?  Never, ever.

I've been asked to speak before.  Every time, I nervously pray and prepare.  I write, rewrite, tear up and write again.  I research the Bible, commentaries, and my thesaurus.  I make an outline.  I write out every word.  I make a new outline.  And something always comes up and I never actually speak.  The activity is cancelled, or the worship lasts for hours, or the event becomes an impromptu prayer meeting.

This time it's our denomination's district annual women's fellowship meeting.  The topic is God Speaks, and to be honest, I hope He does.  Maybe I'll open my mouth and A Voice From Heaven will fill the room and leave us all in holy awe for two hours until lunch is served.  I told the woman who organized the meeting about my shady past and we joked that it might snow.  With the weather we've had lately, I wouldn't be surprised if it did.

Or Jesus Himself might return.  Some people say He will.  I should be so lucky.  Er...blessed!


  1. Susan, you are amazing. You've been through so much in the past week and a half, yet you stopped by to comment on my itty bitty blog. The world definitely needs more Susans! Praying for your Big Bison.