Monday, April 17, 2017

Making Carrots

So...I don't post for years, and the first thing I do is log a craft project?!  Sorry, folks.  There have been many things to say, but not words to say them.  And I want to save this craft so I can find it in the future.  So here it is!

Carrot treat bags.  I looked up someone else's tutorial but didn't care for her assembly instructions so made my own.  This drawstring is much easier to put together.

To begin:

I have cut these particular shapes.  I pressed them as shown, and please note that one short side of the green fabric is pressed toward the RIGHT side.  That will help form the drawstring channel.  I have also sewn the long sides of the green fabric.  The orange shapes are about 7 inches long, and the green are about six.

I pinned each orange piece to each green as shown, right sides to wrong sides.  They overlap about aninch, and the orange fabric is on top on the right sides. 

I sewed across the top and bottom of the overlap, staying very close to the edges.  My machine has a selection to offset the needle to the right, which helped a lot

Then, right sides together, I joined the two sides, being sure that the points were lined up (and the carrot tops for the most part).  I made sure to sew up to where the green and orange fabric joined, but not farther than that.

I turned them right side out, then put both ribbons in my bodkin and put them through at the same time.  I tied the ends of each ribbon, then pulled one through so its knot was on the other side.

Fill, tie closed, and enjoy!  Using a zipper-closure snack bag made filling easy.