Monday, May 2, 2011

First Day Jitters

Tomorrow is the first day of my new life.

Okay.   That is, perhaps, an overstatement.  It is true, though, in a way.

Every year my husband travels for a number of weeks for work.  Usually that means a relaxing of the guard.  When it's just me and the kids, dinner is flexible, and even sometimes optional.  Chores are easier.  Bedtime is strictly enforced, so the rhythm of the days beats a little stronger, making everything else fall into line.  Fun can be more spontaneous, since we don't have to plan around Daddy's schedule or his car usage (we are a one-car family).

This year will be very different.  Teen is in public school for the first time, as I mentioned before.  Usually Daddy drives her to school at 7 a.m., since Toddler is still up at least once, and often more, every night.  While he's gone, driving duty will fall to me, and Tween and Toddler will necessarily accompany me.  Day One is tomorrow.

I am choosing to view this as a great opportunity.  I'm very hopeful that a regulated rising time will help Toddler to finally hold to some kind of sleep schedule, and perhaps even sleep all night.  Tween also produces better schoolwork when he rises early.  Honestly, I also am much more productive when I don't make up for a lack of nighttime sleep by staying in bed until eight or nine in the morning.  Plus, Toddler will need an earlier nap during the day.  She usually naps in the car while I pick Teen up in the afternoon.  A nap at home will mean more time for me to accomplish a few things around the house while she sleeps.

Time will reveal if my hopes are realistic or just a further extension of my reckless optimism.  One good thing, either way, though:  it's much easier to get out of bed at six a.m. when your companion is cheerful expectation!


  1. I hope that works out well for you! Cheerful expectation is about the only thing that helps an early wake up call.

  2. So far, cheerful expectation hasn't been quite enough. I also ran out and bought a travel mug for my coffee. :)