Sunday, August 7, 2011

Truth from a Toddler

Warning:  Sappy, religious content ahead.  Read at your own risk!

Teen was cleaning her bedroom with Toddler on Saturday.  While emptying an old backpack, Teen unearthed a small New Testament Bible, and Toddler begged her for it.  Daddy, being the preacher that he is, explained to Toddler that this is the Bible - the Jesus Book.

Toddler took this idea and completely ran with it.  She would NOT put that Bible down for a minute.  She opened it, "read" it, closed it, and carried it around with her all evening long.

When it was time for bed, I let her keep it with her rather than face the tempest that would surely come if I took it.  I was glad I did!  She held the book up to me and told me, "Momma!  This book says Jesus loves me!  That's what it's about, Hun-neeee!"  Over and over she repeated it.  She opened her Bible and noted that there were letters inside, which I explained made words that we can read.  Then she closed it and silently pondered it for a minute.  In a voice filled with reverence, she said, "There's a power in this book.  This book is a power!"

This preaching of hers is old territory for me.  I know the Bible is powerful; I know its central message is to bring men and women (and very little girls) to the love of God through Jesus.  I know that, and I depend heavily on it.  But familiarity with long-memorized verses, and with the old, old story itself, dull my awareness and my thinking.  The truths of the Bible become like oxygen - vital for survival, but outside of my daily consideration even as I fully rely on them.  I can repeat them even as I can repeat the qualities and uses of oxygen.  Faith is a lot like science in that way - filled with wonder at first discovery but everyday-ordinary after some routine usage.

This is, of course, why Jesus wanted us to have faith like that of a little child.  Every reading of the ancient book results in a brand spankin' new discovery - a little more fresh oxygen to support life and growth.  This is where the verse comes to pass, in my life, anyway, that a little child shall lead them.


  1. On my first reading of the last paragraph, I read:

    Every reading of the ancient book results in a brand new spankin'...

    Which happens, as well, sometimes....


    It's precious seeing this in our children, isn't it?

  2. Ha ha, Susan! Especially when you're reading, say, Leviticus.

    The seeds of faith are planted young.

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