Thursday, August 4, 2011

Gardening Work

Only three blog posts in July!  Disappointing (to me, anyway).

So very much has been going on that I'm surprised I haven't written.  These are not things that keep me busy physically, but they take a lot of mental and emotional energy, and that usually means thoughts stewing into written words.

Some things have been good.  Toddler has doubled her age.  Teen went to a foreign land as a medical missionary.  Tween has somehow come across a new self that enjoys being responsible (sometimes).

Some things have been very bad.  Beloved friendships are being tried.  Life-altering decisions are being made.  Good, good things are being pried from my fingertips as I stand, confused, and wonder why.

Growth and pruning.  Growth and pruning.  Beauty comes, and some of it must be cut away - but not without purpose.  As painful as the shears may be, they make room for better, more beautiful things, once the pain dulls and the wounds heal a bit.  As the blades bite, the pain leaves me wondering what could possibly spring from this.  But, at my age, I've seen it before - this gardening work.  And because of that, the pain becomes resignation.  There is hope.  There is knowledge - good, firm knowledge - that better is coming.


  1. I hope for better for you, as well.

    Sometimes the better is hard won.