Friday, March 11, 2011

It's me!

Well, here I am!  How lovely that you stopped by.

Perhaps I will explain that this blog is an experiment.  I find that I need a place to air my thoughts without a lot of commitment to consistency or application.  Since I don't know when I'll stop in, I don't expect to invite people to read often.

I'm a random, ordinary mom of three.  My teen is enrolled in a charter school - our first foray into the world of public socialization.  My tween is homeschooled.  Ten and eleven are difficult ages for me to parent, and my tween is certainly stretching me a bit further than I'm comfortable with.  My toddler is on a continual pendulum between hilarity and tantrumation.  The toddler is due to become quite a handful, given the large age gap and the incredible cute factor.

My husband is in the mix, too.  His work is intense, though, so he doesn't appear often in the day-by-day script.  Intense also describes his personality, and he is generally intensely involved in whatever revolves around his own little planet.  It's not a bad thing, but it doesn't seem to be the marital norm.  I'm good with it, which is, I suppose, the important part.

I fully expect that, over the next few weeks, this blog will become either formidably anonymous (not likely) or casually personal.  I find it difficult to disguise my identity and still write coherently, but I don't want to expose myself.  We will see what happens.

FWIW, I used an online thesaurus to look up "formidably."  I tend to want more words than I actually own.

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  1. Does it creep you out that I found you?

    That's what you get for leaving me a comment!