Saturday, April 2, 2011

An Odd Observation

I've noticed that, since I began this blog, my house has been cleaner.

I've also noticed that it's clean on days I blog, but when I haven't written in a few days, my house returns to its usual state of entropy.

There must be something psychological here.  Perhaps I've invited the world into my life, so to speak, and now I feel I must invite you into my living room, as well.  Maybe reading other blogs, which I didn't do often before, has inspired me toward better organization.

More than likely, though, I've had a bad case of mental congestion, as though my mind was stalled in heavy traffic that was going nowhere.  Perhaps releasing some of my thoughts allows the mental traffic to flow easier.

Whatever the cause, I'm sure my husband appreciates the change.  I know I do!  I've long wondered at my inability to keep my home presentable.  Who knew that something many would consider a waste of time would be a solution?

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